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…when Juan McAllister started growing  flowers at Jardines Bacatá and exported  the first boxes of assorted  Chrysanthemums to the US, Neil Armstrong was taking his first steps on the  moon, and the Woodstock Music Festival  was taking place on a New York farm.

Hand Made With Love Hand Tied Artistry

Vistaflor’s vast experience in floral production has made us experts in the  elaboration of hand- tied bouquet arrangements which have a unique construction and stability

Vistaflor believes in constant development and growth. We work daily to be current and become more competitive by generating new ideas, products, and services that satisfy each of our customers needs.

From the moment we create a product or service, we consider our impact on our  environment, make sure our packaging and processes are eco friendly.

Our floral products are all hand made, contributing to our communities and culture.  The end consumer who receives our product which has been created with love and  dedication , receives a unique piece direct from the farms to their hands.

Vistaflor’s production facility is located on the campus of Jardines Bacatá one of  the five farms owned and cultivated by the McAllister family (Multiflora)

– High Processing capacity
– Over 140million stems processed annually
– Current Production capacity 4 million bouquets
– 2 million bouquet delivered last year

Our tradition and expertise of over 50 years have allowed us to deeply understand  and work with our customers and the market to produce profitable custom floral  programs for Mass Market Mixed Bouquets, Bunches, *Arrangements and *Vases

Established in 1969, Multiflora pioneered the art of fresh cut  flower cultivation in Bogota Colombia. Today they are a  vertically integrated company that controls their own production, logistics and distortion to ensure freshness and quality are preserved throughout the cold supply chain.

Agricola Cunday
Hydroponic Roses

Hydroponic cultivation allows daily dosing of the nutritional and irrigation requirements of each type of plant according to its state of development. The  main advantages of this production model are:

Decrease in soil contamination
Less water consumption.
Reduction of fertilization cost.
Less presence  of pests and diseases.
Improves people’s work posture, reducing the risk of occupational disease.
Improve Product Quality
It is a more environmentally friendly
production model.

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Agricola Cunday

Multiflora prorogates their own planting material which allow for a reliable supply of quality cuttings, new variety testing and swift reaction to growth and market trends

Supplies 60% of carnation plants in Bogota  Supplies several varieties of Gypsophila


Jardines Bacatá
Chrysanthemum Products

Chrysanthemum products grow slower in Bogota than other regions in Colombia allowing for disbuds have stronger stems that can withstand the weight of large blooms and spray chrysanthemums longer
laterals with bigger  blooms. In both categories we see clearer more brilliant coloring and the  ultimate in quality, beauty and longevity.
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